pray for my son and his father

My ex has been in an assisted living facility for a year. He has been in rehab (not taking his meds) for several months and now in the hospital. My son Travis is the only family he has and is his power of attorney. Travis spent his vacation last year finding a place for Ken to live and moving him. The facility Ken was staying in will not take him back. Travis with the help of a caseworker is trying to find a nursing home for him as far as 90 miles away. They finally found one in Lakewood, but it might not be available when he gets out of the hospital. Meanwhile Travis is flying down here on 2/17 to get rid of kens furniture (in Bellevue) any way he can. He has no idea what to do. If they find a place for Ken possibly he could take a chair and tv and dresser and some clothes. Everything is up in the air, plus there is no money for any of this and medicare stopped paying. Prayers for this whole situation. I feel so bad all of this is on Travs shoulders

By: vicki

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