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ray had surgery today AND tomorrow

Prayers for Ray’s healing from carpal tunnel surgery he just had this morning. Also, just before his surgery he was having trouble with his leg AGAIN.(This is the same leg he has had numerous stints and bypasses for unexplained bloodclots. It has been a year since he has had problems. We were able to see… Read more

Donna Sannes had blood clots in her lungs

Please pray for donna- she has blood clots her lungs – stemming from her previous foot surgery. They did an emergency surgery in her leg to try to trap trap any other blood clots. She will be i. Hospital till Monday or Tues Day if all well. Keep Donna in your prayers.By: Vicki smith

Big Sister

My big sister Donna is in the hospital with another round of cellulitis. She has struggled with this very painful and potentially life threatening infection for months. Please pray that they will be able to provide enough antibiotics to not only fight it but to heal completely. Pray for peace and strength for both her… Read more

Continued prayers for Colleen

Colleen could use your continued prayers. In order o save Colleen, they had to cut off the bloodflow in her arms and legs, and redirect to her heart and core. She is home nie and her legs and arms are numb. Her ties are pure and she may lose some of them. It is hard… Read more