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Continued prayers for Colleen

Colleen could use your continued prayers. In order o save Colleen, they had to cut off the bloodflow in her arms and legs, and redirect to her heart and core. She is home nie and her legs and arms are numb. Her ties are pure and she may lose some of them. It is hard… Read more

Update on Michael Tyler

Michael still has bloodclot in his leg – they may amputate. His heart is failing and s team if doctors are trying to determine if he is a candidate for a heart pump. W really covet your prAyers. Thanks. By: Vicki smith

prayers for Michael Tyler

Please pray for Rays nephew, Michael Tyler. He had to be airlifted to Phoenix hospital yesterday. His heart is only at 20% working capacity now. He also has a blood clot in his leg, but they have to stabilize him before they do surgery. There is a blood clot in his heart, and part of… Read more

Prayer request

One of my very best friends was in an accident yesterday afternoon. She was tightening a bungee cord down over a tarp when it snapped and scratched both of her eyes. In the same way it would if you were to fall and scrape your knees if falling on concrete. She has bleeding in both… Read more

prayers for ray and myself

We are going to rays Dr tomorrow…he only has 60% of his lungs and now the lower left quadrant of his lung is damaged and Dr called him in. I have been losing sight in my right eye. I saw a retina specialist today and I have retinal vein occlusion. There was a blockage in… Read more

prayers for Colleen Gibson

Please pray for one of my dearest friends who is in critical condition. We met in Bible Study Fellowship 40 years ago. Colleen is very special to me and a very strong Christian. She overcame Cancer 10 years ago, and now is in critical condition at St Francis because of kidney stones. She contracted some… Read more

babysitter relief

My son lives in Sacramento and there is no family or friend help for them. They both work shift work (paramedic and CHP 911 calls) and they often have times where there is no one to cover the lapse – this month is it 45 minutes every day- and they have to take off the… Read more

A Friend’s Surgery

My friend Veronica and her family have been on our prayer list since her diagnosis of cancer earlier this year. After months of chemo, she has a double mastectomy scheduled for this Thursday, June 30th. Please keep her and her family in your continued prayers as they face the next chapter of this journey. May… Read more

Leola Johnson

Leola Johnson, Connie Robey’s mom, had a bad fall, stitches on forehead, fractured right shoulder, and badly broken left wrist. She has had surgery and doing well now. By: Bunnie