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Prayer for daughter-in-law

Ashley is pregnant with our second grandchild. She was sick during her first pregnancy, and she is due the end of September. She is suffering with morning sickness, and she has to work full-time, along with our son. Prayers for her endurance or even healing from the morning sickness. By: vicki smith

Continued prayers for Justin

An update from Justin’s family: “Justin is much improved today. Still intubated and sedated but swelling has gone way down! Took the 2 drains out of his head today….. So showing improvement. Have 2-3 more days of pretty critical status before out of the woods do to speak. Prayers are what we need!”By: Gretchen

Prayers for Justin

Please pray for my friend’s son Justin. He is 17 years old and got in a severe car accident on Sunday afternoon in Gig Harbor. He is now in the ICU at St. Joseph’s hospital. Please pray for a full, quick recovery and comfort for his family and for God to guide the nurses and… Read more

Phyllis Snider

Phyllis has had several medical issues for the last month.  She is healing slowly and is appreciative of the cards, phone calls and prayers on her behalf by her FCC family. By: Barbara Stroud