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Full Gospel Businessmen’s Puyallup Chapter

Just for information. We are looking to network with local pastors and churches. Puyallup Chapter Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship in America Meets every second Wednesday of the month 6:30 PM at South Hill Denny’s 626 S Hill Park Drive Puyallup, WA 98373 Call 253-302-2900 for details. Leave message with callback number Thanks and God bless… Read more

Baby Zara and MacKenzie

Please keep in your prayers 11 month old Zara who was just diagnosed with a large cancerous tumor on her spine. She lives in LaVeen, Arizona with her twin Zophia and their parents Jesus and Gaby Teran. Also, MacKenzie Thiem, a beautiful young lady, was also diagnosed with breast cancer this past week. I have… Read more

Baby jacob

Our daughter-in-law Ashley is back in the hospital for the third time again- going inti labor. She is not due until the last part of sept. They were able to stop the labor. She will be in the hospital a few more days. Please pray for baby Jacob that he will stay in the womb… Read more

Last Hours

Even when the last hours are expected, saying goodbye is so hard. Prayers for my friend Susie as she says goodbye to her amazing mom, “Grandma Mae.” No family should have a year like theirs….. “Almighty God, by your power Jesus Christ was raised from death. Watch over my friend. Fill her eyes with your… Read more

Judy Shulmire

Many of you know my sister Judy, and you might have noticed that she’s been absent for a while. About six weeks ago she came down with something they diagnosed as asthmatic bronchitis. She’s had a difficult time breathing ever since, with even a small amount of activity, especially outside, sending her into severe coughing… Read more

Very dear friend had shingles

My very dear special friend had been suffering from shingles on the face. Betty is 85 and has been suffering for over a month. It is around the eyesocket and over the cheek and around the mouth. It is difficult to see and hard and painful to eat. She only gets a couple Hrs of… Read more

grandbaby could come as early as 30 weeks

Please keep our son and daughter-in law and 3 r old Olivia in your prayers. Our little grandson may come as early as 30 weeks. Dont have particulars – please, please pray for the health of the baby boy and mother – she is lots of pain. Thank you. Grandparents Vicki and Ray SmithBy: vicki… Read more

Another surgery for Justin

After undergoing brain surgery at St Joes on Saturday, doctors were concerned enough with the outcome and continued brain fluid leaking, to send Justin up to emergency room at Harborview. He is now awaiting a 4th brain surgery there, scheduled for this Thursday. He is in good spirits considering, but is impatient to get this… Read more

cousin in California fires

Please pray for my cousin Peggy and her family. They live right in the middle of all those wildfires in CA. In fact, their house is right on the border of Camp Pendleton. One of her daughters lives in Escondido.For the last two days they’ve been waiting to see if they’ll have to be evacuated…. Read more