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Prayers for my brother Tom White

Tom is having surgery on his shoulder tomorrow morning at 9am. Please pray for success with the surgery and give the doctor’s wisdom. He has Already had 5 – 6 rotator cuff surgeries and the last time they operated they were barely able to find a useable tendon. Both shoulders are in horrible shape. Also,… Read more

Prayers for good friend Terry Lindsay

Terry had a 6 hour surgery Monday to take out an aneurysm on his brain. We sat with the family the whole day and the doctor was happy with the results. He got out of the hospital Friday. He is now back in the hospital seizing and not coherent and with indications of a stroke… Read more

Praises to God

Praise God!! They just called us and the U of W has just approved going off blood thinner for only 2 days instead of 5-7 days for the proton radiation!!! They will call us in a week and then after that they surgically place the markers and then we have to wait another week to start… Read more

Pray for treatment for Rays cancer

Please pray for correct treatment for Ray’s prostate cancer. We would like to do proton radiation – where they target cancer and basically the prostate is radiated. The problem is that they need to place the markers in his prostate – which would require surgery and he needs to go off his blood thinners. He… Read more

Prayer request

Phyllis is in the nursing home gaining strength from an illness . life center nursing home, Puyallup. 10th ave s.e. room 113 By: Phyllis Costanti

ray had surgery today AND tomorrow

Prayers for Ray’s healing from carpal tunnel surgery he just had this morning. Also, just before his surgery he was having trouble with his leg AGAIN.(This is the same leg he has had numerous stints and bypasses for unexplained bloodclots. It has been a year since he has had problems. We were able to see… Read more

Donna Sannes had blood clots in her lungs

Please pray for donna- she has blood clots her lungs – stemming from her previous foot surgery. They did an emergency surgery in her leg to try to trap trap any other blood clots. She will be i. Hospital till Monday or Tues Day if all well. Keep Donna in your prayers.By: Vicki smith