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A Friend’s Surgery

My friend Veronica and her family have been on our prayer list since her diagnosis of cancer earlier this year. After months of chemo, she has a double mastectomy scheduled for this Thursday, June 30th. Please keep her and her family in your continued prayers as they face the next chapter of this journey. May… Read more

Leola Johnson

Leola Johnson, Connie Robey’s mom, had a bad fall, stitches on forehead, fractured right shoulder, and badly broken left wrist. She has had surgery and doing well now. By: Bunnie

Ray is having surgery Monday

Ray’s vascular disease is very aggressive. They have to go into the leg bypass and clear it out. The bypass failed and they had to clean it out before and now they have to do it again. They can only do this a few times, the doctor has no idea why his blood is clotting…. Read more


It’s hard to explain. But I feel like, every single morning I wake up, there is someone out there who makes it a point to curse my whole family every single day. I don’t feel God’s grace and mercy on my family. I pray for deliverance from these curses but there is no answer, sometimes… Read more

A little one gone too soon

Please pray for Liivi and her family….last year we prayed for her young son Rasmus who was fighting a rare and painful form of cancer. I found out today that he lost that battle. I know this struggle has challenged Liivi’s faith and she has been questioning how God could let this happen, how one… Read more

Daughters Salvation

My daughter needs prayers to help her have food, and to know Jesus wants her to ask him to be her Lord and Savior, I keep praying to our Father in Heaven to give her a tender heart and eyes to see and ears to hear and to call her to Jesus, I believe he… Read more

Prayers for Hunter Family

We would appreciate prayers for the Hunter family. Brandon died last week (age 32) who is Connie’s step-grandson. It is a very difficult time for all who knew Brandon. Thank you.By: connie & bill

prayers for our nephew Josh

Please keep Josh in your prayers. He is my brother’s son, anD the past he lived with us for 4 1/2 years – he is like a son to us. He is 29 years old and he was born with a large hole in his heart. H e still has to be monitored closely. Tomorrow… Read more