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prayer for Ray’s Brother

Ray’s brother has been in the hospital for over a week. His health is failing rapidly. They are trying to control a blood clot, but having trouble. He is diabetic and not responding to treatment. Please pray for healing. Ray and his brother are extremely close and please pray for for peace for Ray. I… Read more

ray is having surgery

Ray is having surgery tuesday – they are putting a gortex tube in his leg. His first and second stint failed and his blood is clotting. Please pray for success and quick healing. Ray will be in the hospital for 3 days. Thank you for your prayers. Vicki and RayBy: Vicki and ray smith

Prayers for Paul

Please continue prayers for my son-in-law Paul as he leaves for Switzerland to receive a treatment for his cancer. He will have 3 treatments 10 weeks apart.By: Katheryn Kusick

friend Jennifer

Please pray for our friend Jennifer Deacy. She has a couple of ruptured discs and is scheduled for surgery next Tuesday. She is is so much pain that her doctor admitted her to the hospital last night for pain. She went to emergency in the afternoon and finally early this morning got some pain killers… Read more

Baby Jacob will be going home soon

Ashley is scheduled to go home tomorrow, and hopefully, Jacob can go with her. If not, Ashley will be required to travel the 60 mile round trip “milk delivery” about twice each day to get him his nourishment.. Jacob is doing great, and please pray that he will be going home tomorrow or very soon…. Read more

Baby jacob born 8/24

Jacob was born Sunday at 11:59pm. He will be in ICU until 9/30 which was his due date. Please keep Jacob, Ashley, Travis and Olivia in your prayers. Thank you for your prayers – Ray and VickiBy: Vicki and Ray Smith

Full Gospel Businessmen’s Puyallup Chapter

Just for information. We are looking to network with local pastors and churches. Puyallup Chapter Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship in America Meets every second Wednesday of the month 6:30 PM at South Hill Denny’s 626 S Hill Park Drive Puyallup, WA 98373 Call 253-302-2900 for details. Leave message with callback number Thanks and God bless… Read more