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Veronica and family

Please pray for my friend Veronica and family. Veronica is going in for a biopsy in the next couple of days for possible breast cancer. Her husband Jason was recently diagnosed with early on-set Parkinson’s, and they have two children (ages 12 and 6). They have a strong faith and are surrounded by close friends… Read more

Prayer for ray

Ray needs your prayers. Both of leg stints and gortex tube bypass have failed. His femoral artery does not work. All have clotted and there is no bloodflow to his calf. Monday morning ray will be in the hospital and they will start a drip through his veins to clean them out. This bypass was… Read more

Prayers for Ray

We are in Hawaii. It had been 7 weeks since his leg bypass. Dr felt he would have no problem golfing (with the golf cart). He went yesterday and could onlyplay 14 holes and has been in pain, especially walking. Prayers please,By: Vicki smith

Diagnosis for Ron

After Ron collapsed at the airport he has been very ill, barely able to walk, or eat, even to leave the house. We thought it might be Parkinson’s, but it isn’t. We finally got a diagnosis yesterday and it is an answer to prayer. He has a fairly severe case of hypothyroidism which affects the… Read more

prayer for Ray’s Brother

Ray’s brother has been in the hospital for over a week. His health is failing rapidly. They are trying to control a blood clot, but having trouble. He is diabetic and not responding to treatment. Please pray for healing. Ray and his brother are extremely close and please pray for for peace for Ray. I… Read more

ray is having surgery

Ray is having surgery tuesday – they are putting a gortex tube in his leg. His first and second stint failed and his blood is clotting. Please pray for success and quick healing. Ray will be in the hospital for 3 days. Thank you for your prayers. Vicki and RayBy: Vicki and ray smith

Prayers for Paul

Please continue prayers for my son-in-law Paul as he leaves for Switzerland to receive a treatment for his cancer. He will have 3 treatments 10 weeks apart.By: Katheryn Kusick

friend Jennifer

Please pray for our friend Jennifer Deacy. She has a couple of ruptured discs and is scheduled for surgery next Tuesday. She is is so much pain that her doctor admitted her to the hospital last night for pain. She went to emergency in the afternoon and finally early this morning got some pain killers… Read more