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Prayers for ray

Prayers for ray. His breathing is labored and he is now on oxygen almost 24/7. It is difficult walking up or down the stairs or even leaving the house. WE have no family here, we are lonely and discouraged and ray rarely feels good. Prayers please, calls, visits would all be welcome. By: Vicki smith

Prayers for Sister and family

Please pray for my sister and family – some severe medical issues, hospitalization and the need for a PICC line have cancelled long anticipated and much needed spring break travels. My heart hurts for them. By: Gretchen

pray for my son and his father

My ex has been in an assisted living facility for a year. He has been in rehab (not taking his meds) for several months and now in the hospital. My son Travis is the only family he has and is his power of attorney. Travis spent his vacation last year finding a place for Ken… Read more

Prayers for my mom

May I please ask for prayers for our family and my mother? My mother is 95 and I fear she is dying. It doesn’t seem to make it any easier that she’s 95, it still hurts. I moved to this area (not by choice, but by life circumstances) and haven’t found any friends. My mother… Read more

Prayers for son and grand child

Prayers for my son. He has a lot on his plate. Today he has to take our precious grandson Jacob in for a 4 1/2 hour Autistic exam. He is 22 months old and they say he meets all the markers for autism,. They will not share anything more with our children. i pray with… Read more