• Our COVID-19 Response: Love one another

    In light of the widespread effort to slow the spread of coronavirus COVID-19, First Christian Church of Puyallup has suspended all in person congregational activities that involve groups, including public worship.  This is one of many ways we can show our love for each other and our community at this time.

    In order to abide by the state guidelines, our building is also closed to everything except essential tasks.  This means that for now, our recycling center is also closed.

    Public crises like the outbreak of coronavirus can define the character of a community.  The temporary cancellation of in person church activities can either cause us to withdraw from each other or to pull together in new and creative ways, and that we have.

    Together we are living out the inclusive love of Jesus and his welcome to all by worshiping and being in ministry, prayer, and communion virtually until we can all be together in person.  For as Christ commanded: “Love one another as I have loved you.” -John 15:12



  • Collaborative Advent Devotional

    A new Christian year begins with the season of Advent on Nov. 29th. Even while we’re apart, we are bound together through worship, prayer, study, and reflection. Join us as we lean into the thrill of hope even through challenging times.

    In this Advent devotional you’ll find voices from our congregation as well as others from around the world, each reflecting on how they find hope even in the midst of a weary world.

    You can read the devotional online as an Ebook, or download it as a PDF.  (Or, click on the photo to the right to go directly to the ebook.)

  • Acknowledgement of Land

  • New ways of being Church – Online Worship!

    Health and safety concerns have us canceling activities at First Christian of Puyallup, but we’re also thinking of new ways to be in community together.  One opportunity is our curated online Sunday worship services, available at 7 am Sundays and then at your convenience.  You can find links right here on the FCC Puyallup website’s home page and on the FCC Sermons page.

    So grab your own home version of the bread and cup and get comfortable.  Click the link, scroll and follow our interactive services through Scripture, music, prayers, and of course, communion, as we continue to be faithful followers of Jesus, mindful of where God and Spirit are leading us.

    November 29, 2020 – Advent 1B

    Find more sermons & services here.

    *Other new ways to connect:
    Morning Prayers available on Facebook – Mon, Wed & Fri at 9:15 am, or on our web page.
    Evening Prayers available on Zoom – Tues & Thurs at 8 pm. Email us for the link.


  • Update: FCC Puyallup Worship & groups canceled through March

    March 12, 2020

    Dear FCC Puyallup Family and Friends,

    Currently Washington State and the City of Puyallup have declared a state of emergency due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. We urge everyone to take appropriate precautions to care for themselves and for our communities.

    Two weeks ago we began implementing changes to our worship service to implement social distancing and other hygienic practices. We’ve also increased our cleaning and sanitation of regularly used areas in our building.

    Thank you to those who heeded the counsel of public health experts and stayed home last Sunday, the second Sunday of Lent. We are grateful for your concern for your own health and for the larger community.

    Because of the presence of community spread of COVID-19 we will be suspending public worship services and all planned gatherings at First Christian Puyallup through the month of March.  All meetings, studies, groups, and worship services are canceled through March.  In April we will assess the recommended practices from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), as well as our local public health departments, to determine how and when to resume gatherings.

    Each Sunday in March we will share an order of worship online on our website. You’re invited to read along and watch the videos presented as a part of your spiritual practices at home. This is a new venture for us, so bear with us as we learn the ins and outs of our technological options.

    If you have been part of this year’s Lenten study, we will be working on online options to continue that discussion.

    The elders and I will be working to develop ways for us to stay connected even though we are not able to meet together. Perhaps we’ll find a modern twist on the old school phone tree so we can share information readily! Please contact the office, me, or your elder with any concerns or suggestions you may have during this time. If you or a loved one are directly affected by the virus, please let us know so that we may pray for you.

    Office hours will be limited.  If staff are ill, they will not come into work.

    We can choose how we respond to this disruption in our daily lives. I invite all of us to welcome the Spirit into our responses. May we speak and act in ways which reflect Christ’s compassion for the poor, for those cast aside, for the least of those among us.

    In faith and in hope,

    Pastor Nancy

  • FCC’s Guiding Vision

    First Christian Church of Puyallup is a gathering of diverse individuals
    called by God to live as a blessing in our own neighborhoods and in the world.

    We dream of being a faithful community of God’s people
    whose spiritual practices of worship, prayer, study, and ministry
    nurture those who are seeking to live in the way of Jesus.

    Believing that every follower of Christ is gifted by God,
    we dream of being a family in which each person discovers their gifts
    and is supported in sharing those gifts with the world.

    We experience God’s welcome in our celebration at the communion table
    and dream of being a reflection of that welcome in our acts
    of acceptance, forgiveness, generosity, justice and peacemaking.

    Learn more about our guiding vision, mission statement and ministry plan.


  • Being Church

    When someone says, “Come to church with me,” we may get a mental picture of going into a building called a “church.”  What if instead of a building, we thought of “church” as people, both individually and collectively, living the way of Jesus at work, at home, and at play?

    Working Together

    We think we’re called to “be the church” and not just “go to church.”  That’s why at First Christian we’re looking for ways of living out the compassionate way of Jesus every day.

    The gospels are full of stories about Jesus out in his community–talking to people, healing people’s brokenness, feeding hungry folks and welcoming those who had been excluded.

    We know we don’t have all the answers and we can’t address every major societal problems on our own, so we partner with others to help make a difference.  And when someone has a passion for a situation or issue, we work at being a supportive place where others can join in and help out.

    Everyone has a calling

    We’re not just being church when we work on projects together, we believe each one of us is being the church wherever we are.  We try to live an authentic faith at work, in our neighborhoods, in our daily lives, wherever we find ourselves.

    You may see us volunteering in schools, at the Food Bank, in English as a Second Language groups, with other churches, or with Habitat for Humanity.  We may not be wearing a name tag that says, “I’m part of First Christian Church of Puyallup,” but that’s OK.  We hope God’s vision of compassion and reconciliation gets the credit… not us.

  • Hunger Work

  • Homelessness Issues

  • Others we’ve partnered with and support

    Over recent years we’ve partnered with and supported many local groups and far-reaching ministries:

    …and more!

  • On The Way

    The first folks that followed Christ became known as people of The Way.  They lived out their faith in their everyday lives–

    praying and worshiping God together,
    studying together,
    eating together,
    and sharing what they had with one another.
    (Read Acts 2:42-47 and Pastor Nancy’s reflections on this passage of Scripture here).

    Somewhere along The Way, things changed.  What it meant to be a Christian shifted.  It became less about following Jesus and more about saying yes to a lot of propositions about Jesus (and God, and human beings, and the world–you get the idea).

    We’re trying to reclaim that idea of being people of The Way.  It’s part of our church’s history.  The people who formed our church tradition wanted to free people from strict adherence to creedal statements about God and instead create a place where each person can discover what it means to follow Christ in their own lives today.

    Following Jesus is exciting–a little risky–but an adventure of a lifetime…


  • Join the adventure…

    Faith Formation at FCC Puyallup

    “Goal: To honor and nurture the spiritual lives of individuals, wherever they are in their faith journeys, by engaging in meaningful worship, cultivating a communal life of prayer, creating a learning environment, and committing to share our experiences.”

    Forming our faith happens no matter what.  Guiding and fostering ways for that trans-formation to blossom is where FCC’s Faith Formation leadership shines, offering a broad palette of opportunities – creating that learning environment – for growth and community.  The Disciples way is to open the conversation, provide the space and resources, and then to listen, explore, and discern.  Challenging ourselves or finding a comfortable fit, we know that our faith journeys never really end.


    Pub Theology – Summer Sundays at 6:30 pm
    Asking the hard – and easy – questions, we learn from each other’s experiences and beliefs.  This drop-in group is in a public setting with the hopes of a casual atmosphere setting the tone for good conversation and good food.  We always welcome new voices and actively listen with respect for all views.

    Children Worship and Wonder (Room 10/Library) – Sundays during Worship
    An innovative method of faith formation for childhood and beyond. Hands-on props and elements of worship allow children and adults to experience faith-building storytelling and imaginative wondering.  Learn more

    Children’s Worship AreaOur Worship services are child-friendly with a special area in the sanctuary offering hands-on play experiences for children of all ages. Based on the Godly Play learning method, activities are designed to help kids explore their faith through story, gain religious language, and enhance their spiritual experience though wonder and play, all while worshiping with the congregation as a whole.

    Sunday Studies (Room 9) – Sundays at 9:45 am
    A small group adult study and fellowship time

    Sunday Learning Circle (Room 16) – Sundays at 9:30 am
    Lively discussion and study for adults

    Back Row Broads (BRB)  (Parlor) – Wednesdays at 10 am
    Women building relationships and studying together.

    Stretching Toward Sunday (STS)A weekly devotional reflecting on upcoming scriptures.  Request weekly emails here, print copies available on request.

    Faith Connections and ConversationsA Facebook community sharing words of encouragement and ideas to spark conversation and inspire spiritual growth.

    Faith Formation Speakers SeriesA variety of presenters bring an array of topics to the forefront. Always free and open to the community.  (Subscribe to email updates.)

    Book Club  – First Tuesdays of each month, though days and times may vary; check our calendar to be sure you don’t miss it!
    A casual group of readers meeting for conversation and fun, discussing a new book each month.

    Seasonal and special studies are offered throughout the year




  • Our Guiding Vision

    ...we are a gathering
    of diverse individuals
    called by God
    to live as a blessing
    in our own neighborhoods
    and in the world...

    ...read the entire vision

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