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Faith Formation at FCC Puyallup

“Goal: To honor and nurture the spiritual lives of individuals, wherever they are in their faith journeys, by engaging in meaningful worship, cultivating a communal life of prayer, creating a learning environment, and committing to share our experiences.”

Forming our faith happens no matter what.  Guiding and fostering ways for that trans-formation to blossom is where FCC’s Faith Formation leadership shines, offering a broad palette of opportunities – creating that learning environment – for growth and community.  The Disciples way is to open the conversation, provide the space and resources, and then to listen, explore, and discern.  Challenging ourselves or finding a comfortable fit, we know that our faith journeys never really end.


*Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our regular schedule has changed and some of our programs are on hiatus or have moved to Zoom.  

*On sabbatical
Pub Theology
– Summer Sundays
Asking the hard – and easy – questions, we learn from each other’s experiences and beliefs.  This drop-in group is in a public setting with the hopes of a casual atmosphere setting the tone for good conversation and good food.  We always welcome new voices and actively listen with respect for all views.

Children Worship and Wonder (Room 10/Library) – Sundays during Worship
An innovative method of faith formation for childhood and beyond. Hands-on props and elements of worship allow children and adults to experience faith-building storytelling and imaginative wondering.  Learn more

Children’s Worship AreaOur Worship services are child-friendly with a special area in the sanctuary offering hands-on play experiences for children of all ages. Based on the Godly Play learning method, activities are designed to help kids explore their faith through story, gain religious language, and enhance their spiritual experience though wonder and play, all while worshiping with the congregation as a whole.

*On summer vacation
Sunday Learning Circle
(Room 16) – Sundays at 9:30 am
Lively discussion and study for adults

*Moved to Zoom
Back Row Broads (BRB) 
(Parlor) – Wednesdays at 10 am

Women building relationships and studying together.

Stretching Toward Sunday (STS)A weekly devotional reflecting on lectionary scriptures.  Request weekly emails here, print copies available on request.

Faith Formation Speakers SeriesA variety of presenters bring an array of topics to the forefront. Always free and open to the community.  (Subscribe to email updates.)

Book Club  – Times may vary; check our calendar to be sure you don’t miss it!
A casual group of readers meeting for conversation and fun, discussing a new book each month.

Seasonal and special studies are offered throughout the year




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