On The Way

The first folks that followed Christ became known as people of The Way.  They lived out their faith in their everyday lives–

praying and worshiping God together,
studying together,
eating together,
and sharing what they had with one another.
(Read Acts 2:42-47 and Pastor Nancy’s reflections on this passage of Scripture here).

Somewhere along The Way, things changed.  What it meant to be a Christian shifted.  It became less about following Jesus and more about saying yes to a lot of propositions about Jesus (and God, and human beings, and the world–you get the idea).

We’re trying to reclaim that idea of being people of The Way.  It’s part of our church’s history.  The people who formed our church tradition wanted to free people from strict adherence to creedal statements about God and instead create a place where each person can discover what it means to follow Christ in their own lives today.

Following Jesus is exciting–a little risky–but an adventure of a lifetime…


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