FCC Celebrates: bless . dream . share

“Sometimes the best way to share our faith is simply to share our lives and our stories.”

–Renee Swope

bdsStarting in August, groups, teams and congregants, in worship, study, and service, will focus on celebrating experiences as children of God.  Celebrating “my story, our church, God’s mission” will happen in a variety of ways.

To kick off the intentional yearlong celebration of being God’s Church in the world, we’ll be telling our stories, whatever they may look and sound like.  Stories of God’s work in the lives of congregants, how being a follower of Jesus or part of the FCC congregation is making a difference in the world, or personal stories of God’s Spirit moving in their midst.  Stories of our journeys with Christ, how we live out our faith in the community, ways we have experienced or witnessed God’s grace or amazing love… it’s YOUR story, YOU tell it!

If you’d like to take a few minutes to share your story in Worship, or write a few paragraphs, please speak with any FCC Council member, or when approached, prayerfully consider sharing your story – because it matters!  Celebrate it!  Bless!  Dream!  Share!

Hear some of the stories shared here.


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