041016 – Strange Guest Lists

Week two of a four part series on hospitality and the church brings us to the table.  In Christian worship the experience of communion at the table of Christ is central to Christian identity.  The story shared and the experience of grace at Christ’s table shapes who we are as people of God.
The Guiding Vision of First Christian Church of Puyallup puts it this way, “We experience God’s welcome in our celebration at the communion table and dream of being a reflection of that welcome in our acts of acceptance, forgiveness, generosity, justice and peacemaking.”
Eucharist, communion, Lord’s Supper–whatever it is called–embodies the core Christian value of radical hospitality.  “All are welcome at Christ’s table”–male, female, housed, homeless, children, seniors, gay, straight, trans, cis, liberal, conservative, single, partnered, wealthy, poor, powerful, the oppressed.  The guest list at God’s table defies human expectations.

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