061916 – Gifts to the Church for Such a Time as This

In fearful times, God gifts the church with all we need to be a strong witness to God’s grace. Through our presence with those who are grieving, we express our solidarity in communal lament. In our worship practices of repentance, we name the ways in which we have contributed to the brokenness of our world. And in our public witness to the breaking down of divisions within the body of Christ, we can be unwavering in our proclamation that “all are welcome at Christ’s table.” Paul opens the door for transformation, for the church to claim its gift of new creation: Neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, native born nor illegal immigrant, Republican nor Democrat, Tea Party or Green Party, gay nor straight, transgender or cis–for all are one in Christ Jesus.
Listen as Pastor Nancy invites us to be prophetic voices of inclusion and radical hospitality.
#Orlando #Charleston

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