090216 – Turning the Tables with Grace

Never a dull moment when Jesus is a dinner guest. In our gospel reading Luke 14:7-14, we find Jesus in the house of a Pharisee for a Sabbath meal. Throw in a healing, tough theological questions about Sabbath-keeping, a parable, and some unsolicited advice on social etiquette and we’ve got quite the tale from the author of Luke.
What is Jesus up to? He believes the household (oikos) of God is being made real in his words and actions. Every encounter is an opportunity to participate in God’s realm. Every healing, every meal, every conversation holds within it the possibilities of the abundance of God’s liberating power.
So should one heal on the Sabbath? Of course! What better place to witness the freedom of God than in a meal on the Sabbath day, as God’s people remember their liberation from slavery!

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