Fair Parking: More than just a fundraiser!

What a great season!  Thanks to all.
Fair Parking 2018

Great memories heard from guests in the parking lot:

•   A woman with her family: “I remember when it was a youth group parking cars as a fundraiser.” [mid-1960s]

•   A couple drive into the lot. Man, looking relieved: “We made it! They made it hard to get here, but we won’t park anywhere else.”
Cashier: “Yeah, they block off that turn lane…”
Man: “We turned there anyway!”

•   A man and wife walking toward the Fair: “I think we have parked here for… 50 years!”

•   Dad with three grown sons: “These guys were little tykes when we started coming to this parking lot!”
Adult son: “We parked here when we were kids?”  Dad: “Yep.” (Puts his arm around his son.)

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