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Courageous Conversations: Race, Privilege, and Loving God’s People

Have you ever looked at your life through the lens of race?  If you are white, there’s a good
chance the answer to that question is no.  If you are a person of color, you probably think of this
question quite differently.  And all of us, just at the mention of race, may feel anxious and
overwhelmed.  So let’s talk about it!  This year’s Lenten study invites us into courageous and
transformational dialogue about race.  Based on the United Church of Christ’s curriculum White
Privilege: Let’s Talk, this study helps predominantly white congregations engage faithfully in
difficult, yet sacred, conversations about race, privilege, grace, and what it means to love all of
God’s people.

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We will start with a light supper on

Sundays, March 10-April 7 from 5-7 pm


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