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Worshiping Together in Different Places–An online worship experience on the 1st Sunday of Advent

  .   .   .     . José y Maria by Everett Patterson,  “The main goal of this illustration was to pack as many clever biblical references into the scene as possible. I won’t list every one (there are at least a dozen), but a few that I’m proudest of are: the… Read more

120218 – Advent 1C

Every Sunday in Puyallup, Washington, USA, Rev. Nancy C. Gowler offers a fresh and imaginative take on Scripture, current events, and faith in her sermons. Here we share those sermons with you. This week, we offer Karen Ferguson’s words.

121816 – Look, Again

Our Scripture readings for the final Sunday of Advent offer us stories of two men, both given the opportunity to see their current situations in a different light. In our reading from Isaiah, King Ahaz is invited to look for the promises of God in the middle of what seems to be a hopeless dead-end…. Read more

121116 – When Joy Is Delayed

One of the pitfalls of all this Advent talk about hope is the danger of focusing so much on the future, that we discount our current situation. At its best, hope in the future gives us a transformative impulse for today. We may not experience the completion of that vision, but the possibility of an… Read more

112716 – A Holy Invitation

When times are dark and the future seems grim, the temptation is strong to pull the covers over our heads and ignore what is going on around us. In today’s reading from the letter to the church in Rome the Apostle Paul flips on all the lights, turns up the stereo and makes a holy… Read more