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Worshiping Together in Different Places–Online Worship on the eleventh Sunday after Pentecost (Year A)

    .   . Mountain river baptism, photograph from the Vanderbilt University Library,   .   Welcome to Worship on Sunday, August 16, 2020. During this time of worship you may wish to have a candle to light and to have bread and a beverage for communion — whatever you have available will… Read more

010817 – At the Water’s Edge

Baptism of Our Lord Sunday Matthew’s gospel is the story of Emmanuel, God with Us. Jesus’s baptism marks God’s solidarity with humankind. The voice that speaks from the heavens is a voice not for Jesus alone, as in Mark and Luke’s gospels, but is a voice for the people: “This is my Son, chosen and… Read more

011016 – In the Middle of Our Expectations

As the crowds gather around John the Baptist at the Jordan River in expectation, a lone figure joins them. Not standing apart, nor calling attention to himself, but rather waiting his turn in line to be baptized. Listen as Pastor Nancy explores the question–what does it mean when Jesus stands shoulder to shoulder with us?