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050116 – Unexpected Hospitality

She has a name, a history, an occupation, and a spiritual label. Heads up, readers–Lydia is in the story of Acts for a reason. Listen as Pastor Nancy explores how stereotypes, social norms, and economic barriers are no match for the gospel. In Acts 16, Paul, like Peter before him in chapter nine, struggles to… Read more

082315 – On Not Being Bound by Old Metaphors

“I’m in the Lord’s Army,” the old Vacation Bible School chorus declares. But what happens when the metaphors of battle and warfare no longer speak to our 21st century context? How can Christians read militaristic Scripture texts in a world all too weary of religious conflicts and war? Pull up a chair, pour yourself a… Read more

081615 – Conversations with Crazy Uncles (Ephesians 5:15-33)

Love and unity, submission and obedience, husbands and wives, Christ and the Church–the author of Ephesians wrestles with how to adapt to the complex social norms of the first century. How can these archaic and patriarchal understandings of marriage rooted in long-forgotten marital practices inform modern day issues, e.g. marriage equality? Listen as Pastor Nancy… Read more

072615 – What is General Assembly of the Christian Church (DoC)?

From July 18th through 22nd, 2015, the General Assembly of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) was held in Columbus, Ohio.  Representatives from Disciples churches all around North America convene in one place to work and worship, study together, and learn more about Disciples around the continent.  #FCCPuyallup had four voting representatives this year:  Connie… Read more