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112716 – A Holy Invitation

When times are dark and the future seems grim, the temptation is strong to pull the covers over our heads and ignore what is going on around us. In today’s reading from the letter to the church in Rome the Apostle Paul flips on all the lights, turns up the stereo and makes a holy… Read more

111316 – Disciples Refuse to Live in Fear

In the aftermath of a contentious election, fear seems to be the operative word. What does the future hold? How will racial, ethnic or religious minorities be treated now that the president elect has been chosen? The prophet Isaiah offers words of inspiration to a people mired in despair. It is a beautiful vision, grounded… Read more

110115 – The World Ends Yet Again

Scripture is filled with the words of prophets and teachers seeking to provide comfort to people in times of struggle. On All Saints Sunday, our readings offer two different, but related images. The prophet Isaiah invites his hearers to imagine God preparing a banquet for the whole world, a rich feast on the holy mount… Read more