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101815 – Power and Glory Reimagined

On the way to Jerusalem James and John pull Jesus aside, in an attempt to negotiate advancement within the company of the disciples. They’re aiming for upper management, sitting on the left and right side of Jesus as he comes into power. Rather than knock them down for their audacity, Jesus gently pushes them toward… Read more

092715 – A Community That Prays Together

Our preconceived notions of prayer may keep us from seeing the richness of life into which James invites his community. Prayer is so much more than petition, so much deeper than a laundry list of needs or wants. James paints a picture of a God-infused life, both individually and communally. Turning toward God in times… Read more

092015 – Friends of God

The New Testament makes it clear: the title Friend of God is not an exclusive term for spiritual giants, but it is the calling of all followers of Jesus. How does one become a friend of God? Listen as Pastor Nancy explores the ancient world’s understanding of friendship and opens up the invitation to be… Read more

091315 – Listening for a Change

The writer of the letter of James pulls no punches in this week’s lectionary reading (James 3:1-12). Unrelenting in his no-nonsense approach to life in community, James warns his readers of the destructive power of speech. In the age of instant response and with the global reach of social media, James’ admonitions still hold true…. Read more

090615 – The Question Always Before Us

Seating arrangements (James 2:1-17), a disrupted vacation (Mark 7:24-37), and a haunting photograph of a lifeless child washed up on a beach. The writer of James reminds us our calculations of who’s important and who’s not are seldom in keeping with the way God sees the world. Listen as Pastor Nancy assures us the Realm… Read more

083015 – An Honest Look in the Mirror

History has not been kind to the book of James.  Labeled an “oddity,” “an epistle of straw” by Martin Luther, or more recently as New Testament “junk mail,” the response to James has been mixed.  Pastor Nancy suggests that James is closer to the teachings of Jesus than we might first imagine.  The first century… Read more