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04-24-16 – Soul Banquets

In the final installment of our four-part series on hospitality, Pastor Nancy gives an introduction to Paolo Veronese’s famous painting re-titled, “Feast in the House of Levi.” ( The history behind the painting and Veronese’s imaginative and festive portrayal of the Last Supper helps guide our modern day conversations about the connections between hospitality and… Read more

032716 – Two Kingdoms

In the confusion and fog of that first Easter, a choice emerges. Will we see the radical kingdom of God breaking into our world through the resurrection of Christ? Or will we continue to be blinded by the power of Empire? As we learn to embrace an Easter vision, we see goodness is stronger than… Read more

022816 – On Earth as in Heaven

If there was any doubt about the radical nature of the Lord’s Prayer, the petitions “Your kingdom come, Your will be done” make clear the prayer has a universal scope. What are we asking when we pray for God’s Kingdom on earth? What is Jesus demanding of us when we pray for God’s will to… Read more

013116 – Pulpit Supply

Imagine what Jesus and Paul might say to a modern day U.S. congregation if they strolled into the building this Sunday. With Jesus’ inaugural sermon from Luke 4 and Paul’s meditation on love to the church in Corinth as guides, Pastor Nancy offers up her take on unwelcome guest preachers.

011016 – In the Middle of Our Expectations

As the crowds gather around John the Baptist at the Jordan River in expectation, a lone figure joins them. Not standing apart, nor calling attention to himself, but rather waiting his turn in line to be baptized. Listen as Pastor Nancy explores the question–what does it mean when Jesus stands shoulder to shoulder with us?

101815 – Power and Glory Reimagined

On the way to Jerusalem James and John pull Jesus aside, in an attempt to negotiate advancement within the company of the disciples. They’re aiming for upper management, sitting on the left and right side of Jesus as he comes into power. Rather than knock them down for their audacity, Jesus gently pushes them toward… Read more