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101616 – Disciples Wrestle with the Tough Questions

Using Paul Gauguin’s Vision after the Sermon as a starting point, Pastor Nancy considers the ways in which Disciples take seriously their faith. We wrestle with Scripture, approaching difficult texts with humility, and bringing to tough conversations the overarching ethic of inclusive love found in Jesus’s teachings. We wrestle with ourselves, taking seriously the need… Read more

013116 – Pulpit Supply

Imagine what Jesus and Paul might say to a modern day U.S. congregation if they strolled into the building this Sunday. With Jesus’ inaugural sermon from Luke 4 and Paul’s meditation on love to the church in Corinth as guides, Pastor Nancy offers up her take on unwelcome guest preachers.

111515 – Provocateurs of Love

In times such as ours the world doesn’t need more voices of hate or purveyors of retribution. Imagine if instead of falling in line with the fear-mongers, the church chose to embrace the way of Jesus. What a world it would be if every Christian practiced loving both neighbor and enemy. The church might just… Read more