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030616 – Bread of Life, Here and Now

Give us this day our daily bread.  It’s here the prayer takes a turn, with a focus on something we understand:  bread.  Or do we?  Through the centuries Christians have reflected on this petition, with varied conclusions.  Listen as we dig into what Paul Ricoeur called the surplus of meaning within the metaphor of daily… Read more

021416 – Lord, Teach Us to Pray

As the iconic prayer of the Christian faith, the Lord’s Prayer has been a central component of Christian worship and practices since the early church. Does over-familiarity breed indifference? In this opening sermon of the 2016 Lenten series, Pastor Nancy invites us to consider what it might mean for us to be “bold to say”… Read more

092715 – A Community That Prays Together

Our preconceived notions of prayer may keep us from seeing the richness of life into which James invites his community. Prayer is so much more than petition, so much deeper than a laundry list of needs or wants. James paints a picture of a God-infused life, both individually and communally. Turning toward God in times… Read more