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042416 – Who’s Knocking

The author of Luke/Acts gives the story of Peter and Cornelius in seven acts.  It is a pivotal story in Acts–will the gospel move from Jerusalem into the rest of the known world? As the story unfolds, the roles change. At first Peter is the guest of Simon and then becomes the host of the… Read more

041016 – Strange Guest Lists

Week two of a four part series on hospitality and the church brings us to the table.  In Christian worship the experience of communion at the table of Christ is central to Christian identity.  The story shared and the experience of grace at Christ’s table shapes who we are as people of God. The Guiding… Read more

040316 – Unexpected Guests

In this first of four series on hospitality and the church, we begin by exploring two stories of hospitality in Genesis. First, Abraham and Sarah welcome three strangers under the shade of the oak trees of Mamre. Their welcome is marked by extravagance, which underscores the seen/not seen identity of the visitors. In the second… Read more